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afa rock 15




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Point Blur May052020 165910

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- An easy-to-use and comfortable cockpit with an adjustable seat and steering column
- The best visibility of tools on the market, plus a clear panoramic view
- Easy to maintain, with access to the engine through two folding covers. All of the components of the loader can be checked at a glance
- Hydrostatic transmission for guaranteed performance and reliability
- Weight transfer and a centre of gravity close to the ground for improved stability, even on rough conditions
- ROPS bar as standard for improved safety 
- Compatible with all types of accessories
- Telescopic 3,3 lifting height, telescopic front axsle

• Approved ROPS frame
• Diesel engine 
• Oil & Water cooling
• Cyclone air filtration with external pre-cleaner
• Hydrostatic transmission four wheel-drive
• Hydrostatic service brake on all four wheels
• Steering via central articulation hydraulically actuated
• Steering column with instruments
• Handle
• Adjustable suspension seat with seat belt
• Multifunction hydraulic control via joystick including 
• Work light on boom
• Multi Joystick (4 functions on one control lever)


rock15 datasheet



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