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Crane AFA 5.0

We offer AGROFORTEKA cranes with working radii from 5,0 till 6,5m. All models provide great lifting power over a large working radius. Cranes AFA(5.0) have two arms, while AFA(6.0) and AFA(6.5) have a telescopic arm for max. outreach. All models have simple and reliable design as well as overhead lifting cylinder and well set out hydraulic hoses protected from damage caused by swinging logs in the grapple. Different accessories are available.


AFA920 5.0

Crane AFA 5.0 Value
Lift capacity net: kNm  33
Slewing torque kNm  8,8
Slewing angle (degrees)  360
Reach (m)  5,0
Telescopic stroke length (m)  -
Recommended Oil flow (l/min)  35-50
Working pressure (bar)  175
 Lifting force kg full length (excl. grapple/rotator)  450